Eighth Doctor


Time Lord

Place Of Origin:


First Seen In:

Doctor Who: TV Movie

Main Actor:

Paul McGann

Last Seen In:

The Time Well: Part Two (Rebirth Story)

List Of Companions:



Previous Incarnation:

Seventh Doctor

Following Incarnation:

Shalka Doctor

Cause Of Regeneration:

Exiled by the Time Lords.

The Eighth Doctor led a life of unusual temporal complexity. It so frequently involved time paradoxes and parallel universes that it was impossible to know with certainty how the major epochs of his existence fitted together. Complicating the matter even further were his frequent bouts of amnesia, as well as several phases of his life where he lived in one place for more than a hundred years, such as Earth and Orbis .

The Eighth Doctor was inherently a happy adventurer, falling in love with companions, Grace Holloway and Charlotte Pollard, and was not averse to bouts of very human emotions, from kissing Grace to providing psychological support for Izzy Sinclair. So strong was his affection for humans, that he even claimed to be half-human — though this was later revealed to be a clever ploy against the Master.

Unlike the events of the BBC series of Doctor Who, the Rebirth version of The Eighth Doctor has his regeneration forced onto him by the High Council Of Timelords after he ended the Last War In Heaven by nearly killing all of the Timelords.

Death Edit


The Eighth Doctor met his end after he ended the Last War In Heaven with his actions costing the lives of almost half the population of Gallifrey, and what he believed was the entire Dalek race.

He was taken before the High Council Of Timelords and put on trial where he was to be either executed, or exiled from Gallifrey for the rest of his life.

It seemed like the vote was going to lean in favor of execution, but he was instead exiled from his home planet for the rest of his life, and in doing so the High Council forced his regeneration into his following incarnation, much like how his second incarnation regenerated into the third.

He wouldn't return to Gallifrey until his Tenth Incarnation in an attempt to stop the opening of the Time Well.

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