Ood Theta
Ood Theta



Place Of Origin:

Planet Earth / Ood Sphere

Companion Of:

Tenth Doctor

First Seen In:

The Red Webs (Rebirth Story)

Main Actor:

Last Seen In:

The Time Well: Part Two (Rebirth Story)

Ood Theta (commonly referred to as Theta) was an Ood, and companion of the Tenth Doctor for the first series of Doctor Who Rebirth.

Unlike most of his species, Theta had been made entirely via genetic tampering and had never step foot on his home planet of the Ood Sphere. He also doesn't need to use telepathic abilities to communicate with others as he had been altered to speak without the aid of any devices, or telepathy.

He was left on the Ood Sphere at the end of Series 1 due to The Doctor feeling like a life in the TARDIS wasn't right for Theta, and he needed to be around his own people and he had never met, or interacted with his fellow kind.

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