Series 1
Season 1 Box-Art
Original run March 7th, 2015
Number of episodes 7
Doctor Tenth Doctor
Companion(s) Ood Theta
Followed by Series 2

The first series of Doctor Who Rebirth was released on March 7th, 2015.

It takes place in alternate universe where the Shalka Doctor was the Ninth Doctor, instead of Christopher Eccleston who ended up being the Ninth Doctor for the BBC Television series thus establishing the Shalka Doctor as an alternate universe Ninth Doctor.

Production for the season began in early 2014, and the entire season was released in script format on March 7th, 2015. It contained 7 episodes with each of them being around 20 pages long, or more.

The first episode of the series, Triumph's Folly was also the first regeneration story of Doctor Who Rebirth, and was written by co-creator of the series, Nick Zippelli. It saw the regeneration of the Shalka Doctor into the Tenth Doctor.

This series introduces the first arc of Rebirth with the opening of the Time Well which has been erasing moments in history.

Series 1 is the first, and only series to be 7 episodes long. Every following series will be stopped at 10 episodes each to allow more 'screen-time' for the following incarnations.

Also, the following Series have been announced that instead of releasing all the episodes/stories at once they will be released on a weekly basis, similar to a television show.

Read Series 1 Scripts Edit

S01E00 - Triumph's Folly - Written by Nick Zippelli

S01E01 - The Red Webs - Written by Justin Ross

S01E02 - The Nightmare Fields - Written by Justin Ross

S01E03 - Lair Of The Daleks - Written by Justin Ross

S01E04 - The Raven - Written by Justin Ross

S01E05 - The Time Well: Part One - Written by Justin Ross

S01E06 - The Time Well: Part Two - Written by Justin Ross

List of episodes Edit

The series takes place sometime after the events of Scream Of The Shalka (from which the fan-series is based on). It is an entirely fan-fiction based season of Doctor Who, and is the first full season for the Tenth Doctor. It also has minor appearances of Rebirth's Ninth Doctor, the Shalka Doctor, with a very small cameo from Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor to solidify that Rebirth is set in an alternate universe.

Series 1Edit

Episode Number Overall Number Name Directed by Written by
0 1 Triumph's Folly Justin Ross Nick Zippelli
A Cargo Ship known as the Triumph is floating in space and a murder has taken place. The Doctor arrives to find an enemy of old in charge. Cybermen are converting the crew of the ship. This may just be the Doctor's darkest hour, but can his conscience bear that burden? (This episode features the regeneration of the Shalka Doctor into the Tenth Doctor)
1 2 The Red Webs Justin Ross Justin Ross
The newly regenerated Doctor arrives in present-day Cardiff to discover that people have been going missing with red webbing as the only source left behind, and that UNIT is on the case.
2 3 The Nightmare Fields Justin Ross Justin Ross
Landing on a planet where everything is a purple hue, The Doctor and his new companion, Ood Theta set out to discover the odd appearance of the planet and soon come in contact with an enemy that may just be altering reality around them. This episode also introduces the Bodach as a main villain, which last appeared in the K9 television series.
3 4 Lair Of The Daleks Justin Ross Justin Ross
High above Skaro sits a Dalek prison ship. The Doctor believes he is answering a distress call, but soon finds out he's on the most dangerous ship in the universe and that the Daleks have been experimenting. This is the first episode of Doctor Who Rebirth to bring in the Daleks.
4 5 The Raven Justin Ross Justin Ross
After landing in 1845, The Doctor encounters none other than Edgar Allan Poe and two head off on an adventure to discover why people are being murdered, with their corpses missing certain parts. This is one of the few episodes in Series One where Theta is not shown.
5 6 The Time Well: Part One Justin Ross Justin Ross
The Doctor is noticing gravity has been changing near each planet, and deduces it is from the Time Well being opened. Strange things begin happening as time begins to collapse. Dinosaurs in New York, and people turning into purple dust. This episode marks the first part of the series finale for the first series of Doctor Who Rebirth.
6 7 The Time Well: Part Two Justin Ross Justin Ross
After returning to his home planet of Gallifrey, the Doctor is immediately imprisoned by his fellow Time Lords and must find a way to escape, and stop them before the Time Well destroys all of creation. (Also marks the final appearance of Ood Theta as a full-time companion since he is dropped off on the Ood Sphere at the end of the episode.) This episode is also the final episode of the first series of Doctor Who Rebirth.

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