Series 2
Season 2 Box Art
Original run March 13th, 2015 - September 18th, 2015
Number of episodes 11
Doctor Tenth Doctor
Companion(s) Gwen Whitmore
Preceded by Series 1
Followed by Series 3

Series 2 of Doctor Who Rebirth started production on March 8th, 2015 and is the second full series for the Tenth Doctor. It also introduced Gwen Whitmore as the new companion for The Doctor aftet the departure of Ood Theta in the previous series.

Show-runner, Justin Ross announced that instead of the 7 episode format from the previous series, all future series of the show would be capped at 10 (plus one special) episodes starting with Series 2. It was also announced that this series would try and incorporate a more 'horror' like feeling.

The titles for the first two episodes of the series have been announced as Kandy Land (Rebirth Story) and Adrift (Rebirth Story), with Kandy Land introducing Kandyman as the main villain who was last seen in The Happiness Patrol back in 1988 with the Seventh Doctor. The titles for the two part finale have been announced as The Deception Games, and Match & Point.

Also, unlike Series 1 of Rebirth, this series incorporates a few episodes written by guest writers.

The series opener/Christmas Special was released on March 13th, 2015 with the rest of the series following within the next month or two. The series took a month-long break after episode four, to polish up the episodes for the rest of the series, and organize things for the future of Doctor Who Rebirth.

The two-part finale for Series 2 begins on September 11th, and will finish on September 18th with the sixth episode of the season being written by guest writer, Brogan Young.

The box-art for Series 2 is a place-holder while one is drawn up.

Read Series 2 Scripts Edit

S02E00 - Kandy Land - Written by Justin Ross

S02E01 - Adrift - Written by Justin Ross

S02E02 - The Night Stalker - Written by Justin Ross

S02E03 - Planet Of Steel - Written by Justin Ross

S02E04 - Beast Of The Fog - Written by Justin Ross

S02E05 - Broken Flesh - Written by Justin Ross

S02E06 - Crooked Future - Written by Brogan Young

S02E07 - New Blood - Written by Justin Ross

S02E08 - Four By Four - Written by Justin Ross

S02E09 - The Deception Games - Written by Justin Ross

S02E10 - Match & Point - Written by Justin Ross

List of episodes Edit

This series went into production in March of 2015, and is the second full series to feature the Tenth Doctor, and also introduces a new 10 episode format per season, as well as the new companion for The Doctor, Gwen Whitmore.

Series 2Edit

Episode Number Overall Number Name Directed by Written by Release Date
0 8 Kandy Land Justin Ross Justin Ross March 13th, 2015
The Doctor is alone on Christmas, and decides it's the best way to spend his life after dropping Theta off on the Ood Sphere. However, things go awry when out of nowhere the entire world is turned into some sort of candy-inspired world. (Christmas-esque Special, also marks the return of the Kandy Man, and the Doctor slightly changing his outfit by wearing a medium-length black wool pea coat over his checkerboard jacket.) This episode also marks the introduction of the new companion, Gwen Whitmore.
1 9 Adrift Justin Ross Justin Ross June 19th, 2015
The Doctor, and his new companion, Gwen arrive on the ocean-based planet of Atlantis. They decide to take a ride on a cruise titled 'The Mercury Cruise' which sails from end of the planet, to the other. However, they learn that people are constantly vanishing during the cruise, and something is picking them off one by one below the depths of the ocean. This episode uses the Leisure Palace Company which was established in the TV episode "Midnight" featuring David Tennant's, Tenth Doctor.
2 10 The Night Stalker Justin Ross Justin Ross June 26th, 2015
Arriving in Sleepy Hollow in the early 1800s, The Doctor and Gwen are immediately set on upon by a mob of townsfolk who have been terrorized by a string of murders and the bodies turning up headless. They learn that some sort of Headless entity has been roaming the village and killing anyone that crosses its path. This episode is a take on the famous story of Sleepy Hollow and features Washington Irving whom is the author of the famous tale.
3 11 Planet Of Steel Justin Ross Justin Ross July 3rd, 2015
The Doctor and Gwen arrive on a Moon Base and discover that it's been taken over by a horde of Cybermen. They discover that the station has been in a state of emergency for years as they try to combat the Cyber threat. This episode features a wide variety of Cybermen types.
4 12 Beast Of The Fog Justin Ross Justin Ross July 10th, 2015
Upon arriving on Earth, The Doctor recieves a mysterious phone-call just as soon as the entirety of London is coated in a mysterious fog. Inside the fog there seems to be some sort of unnatural monsters that have begun to feed on the residents of the planet.
5 13 Broken Flesh Justin Ross Justin Ross August 14th, 2015
The Doctor begins to travel on his own for a bit, allowing Gwen to spend time with her family. Doing so, he stumbles across the Civil Galactic Bank on Saturn and must work with a group of soldiers who been sent to quarantine the bank from an ancient, and deadly threat. This episode marks the first appearance of Weeping Angels into Doctor Who Rebirth.
6 14 Crooked Future Justin Ross Brogan Young August 21st, 2015
The Doctor upon picking up Gwen from her family's home, travel to a ship known as the Nain Rogue and are soon besieged by hallucinations from a creature known as 'The Sorrow' and encounter an unknown incarnation of The Doctor. Could he be real, or a by-product of the hallucinations?
7 15 New Blood Justin Ross Justin Ross August 28th, 2015
The Doctor takes Gwen to the 1931 premiere of Bela Lugosi's film, Dracula. Things take a turn for the worse and numerous theater employees wind up dead with each of them suffering mortal wounds from bites to the neck. This episode marks the first appearance of Zygons into Doctor Who Rebirth.
8 16 Four By Four Justin Ross Justin Ross September 4th, 2015
Gwen and The Doctor arrive on an unknown planet that has a large church which eerily displays points in The Doctor's personal past, as well as Singing Trees from Gallifrey. Inside a mysterious man is sealed inside a cube, and the bodies of the church-goers begin to re-animate...
9 17 The Deception Games Justin Ross Justin Ross September 11th, 2015
Immediately following the events of Four By Four, The Doctor and Gwen arrive at the Shadow Proclamation and discover everyone has been murdered by Daleks who have been under command of The Master. Determined to stop his nemesis, The Doctor & Gwen track him to Omaha Beach during the Normandy Invasions of 1944.
10 18 Match & Point Justin Ross Justin Ross September 18th, 2015
In the finale episode of Series 2, The Doctor forms an alliance with The Master to stop the Daleks from turning World War 2 into a massive genocidal event, with the Daleks planning on being the only remaining species in the universe. However, the events that unfold may just cause The Doctor to unleash his inner darkness to save the Earth.

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