Series 3
Season 3 Box Art
Original run TBA
Number of episodes 11
Doctor Tenth Doctor
Companion(s) Gwen Whitmore

Unknown Companion

Preceded by Series 2
Followed by Series 4

Series 3 is the third series of Doctor Who Rebirth and is scheduled to begin sometime after the completion of Series 2. Gwen Whitmore will return as the companion of the Tenth Doctor, along with a new companion who is currently unknown.

This series is also the final regular series for the Tenth Doctor and will feature his regeneration at the end of the series. The box-art for Series 3 also features the face of the creator of Doctor Who Rebirth (Justin Ross) who's appearance the Tenth Doctor is based upon.

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List of episodes Edit

This series is slated to begin production after the completion of Series 2, and is set to be the final series featuring the Tenth Doctor. The central theme for Series 3 is rumored to be around bringing Gallifrey back from its presumed destruction at the end of Series 1.

It follows the same 11 episode format as the previous series, with the last two episodes being a two-part finale which will lead into the Tenth Doctor's regeneration.

Series 3Edit

Episode Number Overall Number Name Directed by Written by Release Date
0 19 The Winter Palace Justin Ross Justin Ross
While investigating the disappearances of children from human colonies around Saturn, The Doctor discovers that an organization have been using the kids as test subjects for experiments, and that something sinister lurks beneath the floors of the Winter Palace (This episode is the Christmas special for Series 3, and introduces a new companion).
1 20 The Dragon & The Stone Justin Ross Justin Ross
This episode is set during the Medieval Times and The Doctor, C'iari and Gwen come across a small village that believe a dragon has been terrorizing them for centuries and demands the first born child as a sacrifice every month.
2 21 Game of Years Justin Ross Justin Ross
The Doctor and his companions arrive at a strange casino in space where the contestants gamble with years of their lives.
3 22 House Of The Undying Justin Ross Justin Ross
The Doctor arrives in a strange mansion in the middle of nowhere where the residents are in a time-loop of being killed and brought back only to die again.
4 23 Howl Justin Ross Justin Ross
The Doctor arrives in Victorian England where he meets a strange man who is on a case involving large spectral dogs that have been reportedly eating people.
5 24 Ode To Sleep Justin Ross Justin Ross
This episode takes place entirely in the TARDIS after a benevolent entity is believed to have hacked into its systems and begun to cause chaotic effects to take hold of The Doctor and his companions.
6 25 Born Again Justin Ross Justin Ross
After a monumental and tragic loss, The Doctor descends into darkness.
7 26 Dark Dimensions Justin Ross Justin Ross
Said to feature the Vashta Nerada in their first Doctor Who Rebirth appearance.
8 27 It Returns Justin Ross
The first part of the three part finale of Series 3.
9 28 Splinters In Time Justin Ross Justin Ross
10 29 The Orange Sky Justin Ross Justin Ross
Not much is known other than this is the regeneration story for the Tenth Doctor.

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