Series 4
Original run TBA
Number of episodes 11
Doctor Eleventh Doctor
Companion(s) C'iari
Preceded by Series 3
Followed by Series 5

Series 4 is the fourth series of Doctor Who Rebirth and is scheduled to begin sometime after the completion of Series 3. It is the first series featuring the Eleventh Doctor and C'iari returns as the companion.

This series marks the beginning of the Eleventh Doctor era, who's appearance is based on the English actress Tilda Swinton, and is the Doctor's first female incarnation (not counting Jodie Whittaker's soon to be Thirteenth Doctor in the BBC series)

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List of episodes Edit

This series is slated to begin production after the completion of Series 3, and is set to be the first series featuring the Eleventh Doctor.

It follows the same 11 episode format as the previous series, with the last two episodes being a two-part finale.

Series 4Edit

Episode Number Overall Number Name Directed by Written by Release Date
0 30 The Doctors of Future's Past Justin Ross Justin Ross
The Christmas Special of this Series has the newly regenerated Doctor struggling to cope with her future and must unite with her past to push through what it means to be The Doctor. This episode also is rumored to have Ood Theta (a companion to the Tenth Doctor).
1 31 Dangerous Game Justin Ross Justin Ross
After coming to terms with the new regeneration, The Doctor and C'iari stumble upon a televised survival show where people are thrown into the middle of a forest and must survive a horde of hungry Weeping Angels.
2 32 The Long Dark Night Justin Ross Justin Ross
The Doctor and C'iari recieve a distress call from a human colony ship hovering above Earth in the year 3452. When they arrive, they find the station has gone dark and a strange ooze-like substance has been leaking all throughout.
3 33 Sundown In The West Justin Ross Justin Ross
Set in the Wild West, The Doctor and C'iari decide to do some sight seeing in the past and stumble upon a small town that is seemingly empty. However, they found out that a handful of people are hiding out in the local saloon from a strange reptile-like creature. This episode introduces a new companion for the Eleventh Doctor with James Redoran as a resident of the town.
4 34 Fair At The End Of The Cosmos Justin Ross Justin Ross
Wanting to show her new companion the far future, The Doctor takes James and C'iari to a fair on a lone asteroid in the far future, towards the end of the universe. There, they encounter a group of sinister carnies, keen on making The Doctor and her companions part of their show forever.
5 35 Re-Genesis Justin Ross Justin Ross
Arriving on Earth in the near future of 2035, The Doctor discovers that humanity have been cloning themselves and using the clones as a near "slave race". However, there is something sinister going on with the clones who start killing off their "parents". This episode marks the departure of C'iari as a full time companion.
6 36 TBA Justin Ross
7 37 TBA Justin Ross
8 38 TBA Justin Ross
9 39 Totality Justin Ross Justin Ross
This is the first part of the finale for Series 4 and is a crossover between Doctor Who Rebirth and the BBC owned television series of Doctor Who.
10 40 Universality Justin Ross Justin Ross
This finale is part two of a rumored to be a crossover between Doctor Who Rebirth and the BBC owned television series Doctor Who.

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