Shalka Doctor / Ninth Doctor
Shalka Doctor


Time Lord

Place Of Origin:


First Seen In:

Scream Of The Shalka (Webcast)

Main Actor:

Appearance based on Richard E. Grant who voiced the Shalka Doctor in Scream Of The Shalka.

Last Seen In:

The Time Well: Part Two (Rebirth Story)

List Of Companions:



Series 1 (1 Episode)

Previous Incarnation:

Eighth Doctor

Following Incarnation:

Tenth Doctor

Cause Of Regeneration:

Forced Own Regeneration

The Shalka Doctor was the ninth incarnation of the renegade Time Lord known as the Doctor (via Doctor Who Rebirth, and is no way affiliated to the television series by BBC). This Doctor was serious, and often angry, but wasn't averse to the odd bit of fun. He kept an android version of the Master in his TARDIS for a time before traveling alone for the rest of his life.

He came to be after the Eighth Doctor was exiled for ending the Last War In Heaven, and was forced to regenerate by the Time Lords, much like his second incarnation. This quickly prompted him to flee Gallifrey where had numerous adventures and eventually lost his companion in an untimely death.

His final days took him to the cargo ship Triumph where he is believed to be responsible for a murder on board which only turns out to be a group of Cybermen who are slowly converting the crew. To stop the Cybermen he detonates the Triumph, effectively killing everything on board.

Ashamed by his actions, and the amount of blood on his hands he forces his regeneration as he no longer felt like The Doctor in his current body, and becomes that of a younger man.

Sometime in his early days of this incarnation, The Doctor was summoned to Gallifrey (along with his previous incarnations, and future self) by the Lord President in an attempt to kill them all with the paradoxes by locking them all up in a single jail cell. However, he broke out of his cell and came across his future self, and the two of them banded together to stop the President from fully opening the Time Well. The Shalka Doctor ended up killing the Lord President, which eventually led to the collapse of the Time Well, and the destruction of Gallifrey.

Soon after these events he was sent back into his own time-stream, without any memory of the events that had just unfolded. (The Time Well: Part Two (Rebirth Story)).

He is the only incarnation of The Doctor to force their own regeneration (Triumph's Folly - Rebirth Story).

Psychological Profile Edit

Personality Edit

The Shalka Doctor has an appreciation for the finer things that borders on snobbery, although he shares with his other incarnations an abhorrence of evil. His travels seem to be directed by an unseen power that he resents (possibly the Time Lords). This leads to his initial refusal to intervene in the Shalka invasion of the village of Lannet until the death of a homeless woman raises his ire. He also has an abrasive relationship with the military similar to that of the Third Doctor toward UNIT early in his tenure.

To avoid capture by the Shalka, this Doctor tries to act as if he is a detached alien observer. However, he still has respect for human life and can not allow them to kill their hostage. This incarnation of the Doctor seems haunted by some undisclosed past event, to the point where he actively opposes the notion of Alison becoming a companion. For reasons likewise unexplained, he travels with an android which contains the consciousness of the Master. The android Master does hint, however, that the Doctor's previous companion may have met an untimely end, perhaps explaining his initial reluctance to take on a new travelling companion.

Appearance Edit

This incarnation of The Doctor resembled much of his first incarnation, but was more gaunt. He had rather pale skin, and dark piercing eyes. His hair was dark with streaks of grey running through it.

After regenerating he was exiled to Earth and quickly removed his previous incarnation's outfit for something more 'appropriate', which consisted of a long black coat, a short, green pinstriped cape, black dress pants, black dress shoes, a black vest, white undershirt, and black Edwardian necktie.

Habits & Quirks & Skills Edit

  • This Doctor was known to drink alcohol.
  • He carried a mobile phone, taken from a charging cradle hidden behind the telephone panel in the TARDIS' police box shell. Shaped like the TARDIS, the phone was in fact part of the TARDIS itself.
  • This Doctor displayed a fondness for singing, and had a repertoire of showtunes.

Death Edit

The Shalka Doctor arrived on the Triumph, and was immediately taken in for questioning surrounding a murder onboard. It is eventually discovered that the murders are being caused by Cybermen who have been converting the crew.

During his time on-board the ship, a woman named T'leia follows him around, but she eventually  ends up having to kill her lover who was in an unfinished state of coversion, and in extreme agony. The guilt, and grief from this incident causes her to take her own life.

Appalled at what his actions had lead to, The Doctor destroyed the Triumph and escaped back into his TARDIS where he forced his own regeneration into his following incarnation due to the immense guilt he felt from his actions which had just caused the deaths of numerous people, and T'leia's unborn child.

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