Tenth Doctor
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Time Lord

Place Of Origin:


First Seen In:

Triumph's Folly (Rebirth Story)

Main Actor:

Appearance based on writer, Justin Ross.

List Of Companions:

Ood Theta, Gwen Whitmore


Series 1 - Series 3 (28 Episodes)

Previous Incarnation:

Shalka Doctor

Following Incarnation:

Eleventh Doctor

Cause of Regeneration:

Massive electrical shock from the Planetary Magnet.

The Tenth Doctor was the tenth incarnation of the renegade Time Lord known as the Doctor (via Doctor Who Rebirth, and is no way affiliated to the television series by BBC). He is very quirky, and younger than his previous incarnation and seems to switch from happy, to pure anger in an instant.

He is also the first incarnation in the Doctor Who Rebirth regeneration cycle, but the Tenth Doctor overall.

He came to be after his previous incarnation forced his own regeneration due to guilt when his actions caused T'leia to commit suicide killing herself, and her unborn child after the destruction of the Triumph's Folly. (S01E00: Triumph's Folly).

Psychological Profile Edit

Personality Edit

The Tenth Doctor was a darker individual than his previous self, due to the massive guilt that weighed upon him moments before his regeneration. He was quick to anger, and had no issues manipulating people to save the day. However, even with his somewhat darker persona he wasn't adverse to the odd bit of fun and at times would be quite the joker. However, he was known for his personality to switch from happiness to anger in an instant.

Appearance Edit

This incarnation of The Doctor looked much younger than his past self, and deduced that in human years he would of been in his mid twenties. He had rather pale skin, brown eyes and short, brown hair. His hair also seemed to be styled into a fauxhawk at the front, and was much shorter than his previous incarnations.

Unlike any of his past incarnations, this incarnation of The Doctor sported a beard full-time.


The Tenth Doctor's current outfit. A medium-length black wool pea coat, his checkerboard jacket, a grey dress shirt, black skinny jeans, and his checkerboard slip-ons.

After regenerating he quickly got rid of the previous incarnation's clothes, and donned his current get-up. A checkerboard dinner jacket, black skinny jeans, and checkerboard slip-on shoes. Eventually he would start to wear a medium-length, black wool pea coat over his checkerboard jacket. He would also occasionally wear a fancier outfit, which consisted of a blue velvet frock coat, white dress shirt, black bowtie and blue tartan pants. He wore this outfit for the first time during his investigation into the Winter Palace. ( S03E00: The Winter Palace)


The Tenth Doctor's formal wear that he first wore in the story, "The Winter Palace".

Habits & Quirks & Skills Edit

The Tenth Doctor had an odd fascination with saying the word 'juicy'. He would also move around calmly, and inspect all of his surroundings when trying to deduce a plan, or figure out the situation. He would also flash a rather large grin when excited.

He also is a keeper of useless knowledge. Often telling people things they would be better off not knowing, or have no interest in.

He could also tell what was in the air, such as chemicals, creatures, people, etc by just sniffing the air outside. He had developed a skill out of smelling things to determine what they were.

This incarnation was also incredibly smart. He would often solve problems relatively quick, and would often ask his companions questions to see if they were learning anything. The Tenth Doctor also spoke with an Irish accent, which was a first for any of his incarnations.


TARDIS Interior

The Tenth Doctor was also gifted with a newer TARDIS interior, and a new Sonic Screwdriver to reflect his more...odd personality. His TARDIS had a very 'jungle' like theme with the interior having numerous vines hanging around and wrapping around the console. It also gave up a purple light in the interior, with the vines on the ceiling having dangling bulbs filled with the purple light.

A few of the interior walls were also turned into aquariums and were filled with an assortment of Earth based fish.

Tenth Doctor's Sonic

Sonic Screwdriver Edit

This incarnation of The Doctor also had a new Sonic Screwdriver after his previous incarnation's was destroyed while scanning the webs left over at the kidnap sites from Anachronites - (The Red Webs (Rebirth Story)).

This new version of the Sonic was meant to reflect the wooden/nature-like environment of the Tenth Doctor's TARDIS as it had the appearance of a gnarled piece of wood, and emitted a purple light, just like the TARDIS. Even though this Sonic had a more wood-like appearance, it too did not work on wood.

Adventures Edit

Upon regenerating, the Tenth Doctor landed in Cardiff and immediately changed out of his previous incarnation's clothes, which he considered to be shabby. When returning to his TARDIS he notices that U.N.I.T has been guarding the box, and waiting for him. He eventually aids UNIT in finding, and stopping a string of kidnappings that had been happening all over the city, with only red webs being left behind as evidence.

He eventually stopped these events after blowing up and underground lair, and killing the Birthmother of the Anacrhonites which were a genetically altered race made up of human, and spider DNA. (Rebirth Story: The Red Webs). After ending the threat, The Doctor takes Ood Theta along as his companion to show him the wonders of the universe, and to get him away from life with U.N.I.T.

The Doctor and Theta traveled for a bit, checking out planets, and just exploring the universe before coming to a planet made entirely out of purple objects. Everything on the planet was purple, and it immediately piqued the interest of The Doctor, and the two of them began to investigate. It was eventually discovered that there was no such planet, and The Doctor and Theta were having a shared dream-state due to a Bodach sneaking onto the TARDIS. The dream-state also alerted the Doctor that the Time Well may have been opened. (Rebirth Story: The Nightmare Fields).

Upon saving themselves from the dream-state, The Doctor and Theta stumbled upon a ship sitting high above Skaro, which turned out to be a Dalek Prison Ship in which the Daleks were doing experiments on various other species, and creating new, and more dangerous breeds of Dalek. The Doctor, and Theta stopped the experiments by blowing up the ship with the help of a Dalek who had somehow turned good, and wanted to see the Daleks destroyed. Sadly, The Doctor's past came back to haunt him as he had stumbled across a half-converted T'leia on board the ship, who had been revived from her suicide in Triumph's Folly. She forgave him for his actions that day, and she was finally put to rest when the Good Dalek overloaded the ship and destroyed it. (Rebirth Story: Lair Of The Daleks)

After this little incident, The Doctor decided to leave Theta somewhere alone for a few days while The Doctor did some things on his own, mainly learning more about this Time Well. During his short amount of alone time, The Doctor stumbled across Edgar Allan Poe and the two of them stopped a bird-like cybernetic creature from murdering, and harvesting bodies, which would end up being the inspiration for Poe's famous tale, The Raven. However, in stopping the creature, The Doctor's anger took control and he killed it, lying to everyone that he let it run away. (Rebirth Story: The Raven). The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) from the alternate universe warned him that the Time Well was going critical and that he had to stop it, or else all of the universes would bleed together and end.

Heeding the warning from the alternate universe Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith), The Doctor traveled extensively across the universe trying to find answers on how to stop the Time Well. During this escapade he came across dinosaurs roaming around a city and killing people, and everything in creation turning into a purple dust which was foretold in his dream-state by the Bodach, and Eleventh Doctor (Rebirth Story: The Nightmare Fields). Upon discovering he would need to travel to Gallifrey, even though he had been exiled during his Eighth incarnation, (which resulted in his regeneration into the Shalka Doctor) he decided to go anyway and ask a favor of his old friend, The Corsair. Reluctantly, The Corsair allowed him to hide inside his armory, but was double-crossed and imprisoned on Gallifrey. (Rebirth Story: The Time Well: Part One)

Upon waking up, The Doctor discovered he was locked inside a high-tech Gallifreyan prison but he wasn't alone. The Lord President had locked him up with all of his past-incarnations in a hope that the paradoxes would be too great and destroy all of them. However, he was saved by his previous incarnation, The Shalka Doctor who dissolved his cell bars and the two of them set out to stopping the President, and sealing the Time Well. They save Theta who was imprisoned in the armory, and take the TARDIS to stop the President and are chased by numerous Battle TARDISES which are dumped into random points in time by a Wormhole Generator. They eventually meet the President who boasts about all of creation being destroyed, but he is swiftly killed by the Shalka Doctor, and not knowing any other way to stop the Time Well from rupturing, The Doctor grabs the Lord President's Staff and leaps into the Time Well dispersing himself across time, and seeing some of his alternate universe self's regenerations. The Doctor eventually wakes up back in his TARDIS and learns that he stopped the Time Well from going critical but it ended up in the destruction of Gallifrey. He shows anger towards his previous self, before the Shalka Doctor disappears back into his own time-stream. Worried that this isn't a good life for Theta, he drops him off on the Ood Sphere at the end of episode and begins to travel alone. (Rebirth Story: The Time Well: Part Two)

After dropping off Theta on the Ood Sphere, The Doctor travels alone for quite an extensive time doing things on his own and hoping to not get attached to another companion again. He eventually shows up in Cardiff at a small little coffee shop during Christmas Eve. He is served by a young waitress known as Gwen Whitmore who starts trying to flirt with him. Uncomfortable with her flirting he agrees to a date and heads back to his TARDIS alone, planning to leave Earth. However, when he arrives at the TARDIS something mysterious happens and it's instantly turned into a large piece of what appears to be cake.

Confused about what's going on The Doctor heads back towards the coffee shop and notices everything has been turned into candy. Everything on planet Earth had been candified. However, he notices Gwen from earlier is inside the coffee shop trapped, and The Doctor breaks through one of the windows to save her. The pair of them eventually discover that the human beings have turned into living gingerbread people who have begun to go on a killing spree. Crafting a homing beacon from the wrecked engine of a car, The Doctor and Gwen travel to a space-station in orbit and learn that the whole incident has been orchestrated by the Candy Man, whom The Doctor had thought to be long dead.

It's discovered that the Candy Man was re-created by a mysterious man known only as The Partner and simply did it to see how The Doctor would react. Gwen, and The Doctor successfully destroy the Candy Man and revert the Earth back to its original state and proud of what Gwen can do, The Doctor takes her along as his new companion. (Rebirth Story: Kandy Land)

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