The Red Webs was the second episode of the first series of Doctor Who Rebirth produced by Justin Ross & Nick Zippelli. This episode marked the first full appearance of the Tenth Doctor, and also introduced his companion of the first series with Ood Theta. It also introduces U.N.I.T into the Rebirth universe, as well as brings a new alien into the word via the Anachronites.

It is the first post-regeneration story of Doctor Who Rebirth.


  • The Tenth Doctor steals his set of clothes from a clothing shop. This isn't the first time The Doctor has stolen his clothes. His Third and Eighth incarnations both stole their first perspective outfits from hospitals.
  • It is also the first episode of Rebirth to feature U.N.I.T who last appeared in the television episode, Battlefield (1989) alongside the Seventh Doctor
  • Ood Theta appears as the first companion of the Tenth Doctor who is one of the Oodkind, a species native to the Ood Sphere. Oods first originated in the Doctor Who revived series episode, The Impossible Planet (2006). However, this is the first appearance of the Ood in the Rebirth timeline.
  • The episode features an original enemy known as the Anachronites, which were said to have encountered The Doctor before during his Second Incarnation, but he couldn't quite remember them due to regeneration sickness.

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