Triumph's Folly was the first episode of the first series of Doctor Who Rebirth produced by Justin Ross & Nick Zippeli. This episode established the setting of Doctor Who Rebirth as an alternative reality where the Shalka Doctor was the Ninth Doctor.

It is also the only episode in the series where the Shalka Doctor is the main incarnation for an episode as it features his regeneration towards the end of the story.

It is the shortest episode of the first series.


A Cargo Ship known as the Triumph is floating in space and a murder has taken place. The Doctor arrives to find an enemy of old in charge. Cybermen are converting the crew of the ship. This may just be the Doctor's darkest hour, but can his conscience bear that bear that burden?


  • This is the first appearance of Cybermen in Doctor Who Rebirth. They last appeared in the episode, Silver Nemesis (1988) with the Seventh Doctor. They wouldn't appear again until the Rebirth Episode, Lair Of The Dalek in which Daleks have been harvesting Cybermen to make a breed of hybrid Daleks.
  • This was also the first regeneration story of Doctor Who Rebirth showcasing the Shalka Doctor regenerating into his tenth incarnation. The last regeneration story in the Rebirth time-line would have been Time And The Rani when the Sixth Doctor regenerated into his Seventh body.
  • The Shalka Doctor travels alone for this episode, but teams up with the alien female T'leia who's death causes him to force his regeneration due to the blood on his hands.T'leia would show up once again in the Doctor Who Rebirth episode, Lair Of The Dalek where she was somehow saved by the Daleks and her mangled body was kept alive for conversion. She was put out of her misery once and for all when the Dalek Prison Shop exploded. 
  • This episode brings back the Shalka Doctor who is an alternate-universe Ninth Doctor who was last seen in the webisode, Scream Of The Shalka (2003). This episode serves as the conclusion to the Shalka Doctor's story, and serves as his regeneration.

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